Game Development
Art direction, environment art & lighting, scripting, design, sound design, publishing
Art direction, environment Art & lighting, scripting, design, sound design, 3D scanning, publishing
Rockstar Games
 Principal Artist - environment art, 3D scanning pipeline and scans 
Rockstar Games
 Principal Artist & lighting lead
+ foliage team, environment art
Rockstar Games
 Studio Art Director (New England)

  Rockstar New England
 Asset team management (Studio Art Director, New England)

Crystal Dynamics/EIDOS/Square Enix
 Environment lead, Technical Artist

Below: various environment artist roles


I've been a Games Artist for 18 years, developing console games at Atari, THQ, Shiny, EA, Angel Studios/Rockstar SD, Crystal Dynamics, Rockstar Games and my own indie studio Headtrip Games. I've worked in numerous roles:  Senior Artist, Environment lead, Art Director (studio and Project), Principal Artist, Indie Dev do it all/solo dev

Game Credits:
- Gauntlet Legends (Arcade)
- Jet Moto 3 (Playstation 1)
- Road Rash 64 (N64)
- Smugglers  Run (Playstation 2)
- Test Drive Offroad: Wide Open (Playstation 2)
- Enter The Matrix (Playstation 2,GC...)
- Need for speed Underground (GC)
- Path of Neo (Playstation 2)
- Tombraider Legend (Xbox360,PC)
- Bully Scholarship Edition (Xbox360,PC)
- Turok  (Xbox360, PS3)
- Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360, PS3)
- MaxPayne3 (Xbox360, PS3,PC)
- Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox360, PS3)
- Read Dead Redemption 2
- iOmoon (VR Rift & Vive)
- Rollerforce (Steam VR)